COVID-19 decline: Less than 5,000 active cases in J&K


500 Covid positive admitted in hospitals

Srinagar, Jun 29 : The number of active cases in Jammu and Kashmir is rapidly showing decreasing trend with each passing day as active cases which were over 50,000 in peak second wave are now below 5,000.

Moreover, J&K which was facing a shortage of oxygen beds now has over 5,000 vacant beds.

As per the details available with news agency, of 2,485 Covid dedicated beds including 2,081 isolation beds and 404 ICU beds, 1,986 isolation beds and 376 ICU beds are vacant in the Jammu division.

Data also reveals that just 123 Covid positive patients are admitted in the division, among them, 95 patients are on isolation beds and 28 patients are on ICU beds.

Data also reveals that out of 3,353 Covid designated beds which includes 3,074 isolation beds and 279 ICU beds in Kashmir valley, 2783 isolation beds and 220 ICU beds are vacant in the division.

There are 350 patients admitted in the division, among them 291 are on isolation beds while 59 are on ICU beds

In aggregate form, out of 5,838 Covid dedicated beds in the UT, which includes 5,155 isolation beds and 683 ICU beds, 4,769 isolation beds and 596 ICU beds are vacant.

473 patients in total admitted to the UT, among them 386 are on isolation beds and 87 are on ICU beds

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