Amid surge in Covid-19 deaths in Jammu, coffin makers work extra time to meet demand


Praying for decrease in death rate’

Srinagar, May 28 (KNO): Amid the steep surge in Covid-19 deaths in Jammu district, the coffin makers have to work extra time to meet the demand, thus finding hardly any time to be with their families.

Muntazir Ahmad, a coffin maker at Chadha Wood industries in Jammu talking with news agency said he was in tears when Jammu witnessed 40 deaths in a day and he had to make coffins for them.

“I wept all day. It was my colleague who encouraged me to prepare the coffin and take it as a duty to at least provide some help to the bereaved family,” Muntazir said.

Muntazir said they are trying to make coffins   as quickly as possible so that Covid positive body will be kept in the coffin and nobody will further contract the virus.

Pawan, another coffin maker, said that every day they come for work at around 7 am and return back in the dead of the night as demand for coffins has increased manifold.

“I have never seen such a situation in my life. Every day I have to make around 20 to 30 coffins,” he said. “We all are praying for the end of Covid-19 as it needs a heavy heart to make so many coffins in a day.”

Owner of Chadha Wood industries said that to make coffins for bodies who were dying at GMC Jammu, they had to work in two shifts as persons working in one shift were not able to meet the demand of the coffins.

“Everyone was praying for the end of Covid-19 and decrease in deaths. And in last two to three days, we are witnessing decrease in deaths,” he said

Jammu district has witnessed over 1000 Covid deaths since the beginning of pandemic, among them over 450 deaths were reported in the last one month alone—(KNO)

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