Social distance norm goes for toss at Jammu vaccination Centres


There should be more vaccination Centres in district to avoid congestion, say locals

Jammu, May 27 : Concerned about the steep surge of Covid-19 cases in Jammu and Kashmir, people are rushing to get themselves against the deadly pandemic without caring for the social distancing norm as evident by the long queues outside vaccination centres in the district on Thursday.

Eyewitnesses told news agency, there were hundreds of people waiting outside vaccination Centres at TRC vaccination Centre on Residency Road Jammu, Dalpatiya Vaccination centre and other vaccination Centres..

Angat Singh, a youth, who was waiting for vaccination at TRC vaccination centre, at around 3 pm said that he has been waiting for vaccination from 9 am in morning but given the huge rush, he couldn’t get the jab till late afternoon.

He said that the government must make more arrangements so that people wouldn’t have to wait so long and there would not be congestion and violation of social distancing norm.

Dr Anurada Chohan, who is deputed at TRC vaccination centre said that they have vaccinated hundreds of people and there is on spot registration available for 18-44 age group.

She said that they have been stressing on social distancing and trying level best but the public here is reluctant.

He said they have been trying but failed to make people follow social distancing norms.

Dr Bilqees from another vaccination centre said that people aren’t following covid appropriate behavior at the vaccination centre

She said how much the government can do, people must think about themselves and shoulder the responsibility of following Covid appropriate behavior.

Meanwhile, people have demanded that government must increase the vaccination centres and at the existing centres, staff should be increased so that people won’t have to wait so long for the jab—(KNO)

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