Doordarshan artists pushed into state of starvation: Tarigami


Urges LG to ensure justice for these important members of society

Srinagar, Jul 16: Expressing anguish over the pathetic economic conditions of the local Doordarshan artists, CPI (M) leader Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami Friday urged the government to immediately come to the rescue of these important members of the society and solve their livelihood issues.

In a statement issued to the news agency, he said that scores of local artists, who were associated with Doordarshan’s Kashir Channel are without any means of livelihood since 2013 after the authorities stopped the production of fresh content for the channel.

Saying that these artists, including freelance producers, directors, actors, singers and other persons affiliated with the productions and affiliated with Kashir Channel for decades, have been left high and dry because Prasar Bharti is not producing new Kashmiri programmes, he asked what is the purpose of this channel when it is not allowing productions in Kashmiri?

“There are hundreds of artists whose families were solely dependent on the production work at the Kashir Channel. All these years, they managed to run their families with some savings which too have now been exhausted and they have no other source of income,” he said, asking the LG administration to take immediate steps and save the artists from starvation.

In other parts of the country, the states have devised policies and guidelines in order to help the local talent. Unfortunately, in Kashmir, DD authorities have framed policies to keep the local talent away from employment opportunities. The DD and Prasar Bharati authorities must look into the matter and ensure that the local talent is not only encouraged, but their financial problems too are addressed at priority, he emphasized.

Referring to the Department of Information and Public Relations having announced the empanelment of producers for production of films on varied subjects, Tarigami said it is unfortunate that the local talent seems to have been left out of the ambit of the qualifying parameters. “Instead of focusing on creative credibility and experience of individuals or production units in the field, the focus in new guidelines seems to be on the financial strength of the applicant which may result in ouster of creative persons of J&K,” he lamented.

Urging the LG to personally intervene in this grave issue, the CPI (M) hoped that the head of the government would ensure justice for these artists.

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