Enforcement officer demolished illegal structure,  put curb on illegal activities of land Mafia at Zakura, 


Srinagar july 08:  Taking a serious action against the illegal construction, the Enforcement officer North on Wednesday, 7th of July demolished the illegal structure near Jamia Masjid Zakura, Srinagar on the complaint of social worker Zakir Nabi Badana and other local residents.

According to official sources from the past few months, the land mafia were active in the illegal acquisition, sale and purchase and construction over the said government land in Zakura area. The illegal activities of the land Mafia had risen to the level where they changed the Khasra No. of the said grazing land, which was originally of Khasra No. 20 to Khasra No. 19 by making forged documents. official sources said.

However locals said that the applauding act of the Enforcement officer (North) is a stroke against the illegal activities of land Mafia. The locals of the area breath a sigh of relief and extended their gratitude to the Enforcement officer.

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