Govt to start virtual COVID care program for Civil Secretariat Employee


Srinagar, Jul 14 : The Government on Wednesday said that it will start a three day virtual COVID care programme for the Civil Secretariat employees in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Union Territory by the “Art of Living Foundation”.

Additional secretary to the Government Rohit Sharma in this regard issued an order, a copy of which lies with the news agency.

It reads that the 45 minutes COVID care programme on “Immunity Boost and Prevention with Meditation, Breath and Yoga” will be held for three days starting from 16th to 18th July over the Zoom platform.

Mohit Raina, Under Secretary to the Government, General Administration Department shall liaise with the Art of Living Foundation for conducting the programme for the Civil Secretariat employees. To attend the programme employees have been asked to register themselves in the programme without any charge.

“This is for information of all employees working in various Departments of Civil Secretariat that the Art of Living Foundation shall be conducting a 45 minute COVID care Programme on “Immunity Boost and Prevention with Meditation, Breath and Yoga” for three days, 16h to 18th July 2021 from 7:15 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. over the Zoom platform for the employees of Civil Secretariat”, it reads.

Manoj Kumar Dwivedi IAS Commissioner/Secretary, General Administration Department, J&K, received a letter from the Foundation last month which states that the foundation wants to conduct Covid Care Programs on “Wellbeing and Immunity” of employees.

As per the notification, the three different programs for Covid Care that the Art of Living offers will conduct include, “Immunity Boost & Prevention with Meditation, Breath &Yoga, Home Isolation Care with Meditation Breath and Yoga and Post Covid Rehabilitation with meditation Breath and Yoga for non-Covid, Covid positive with mild or moderate symptoms and for post Covid ”.

“This initiative is also aimed at providing efficient tools and techniques that make the participants stress free and relaxed,” it reads

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