Kashmiri artist decides to sell his art work worth millions to help downtrodden people


It’s a small act but beginning of big movement: Hakim Rizwan Illahi

Srinagar, Jun 04 : An artist from north Kashmir has decided to sell his paintings and distribute the earnings whatever he gets among needy persons in Jammu and Kashmir.

Hakim Rizwan Illahi (30), a resident of Sopore town presently living in Srinagar, who is also a social activist and business man to donate all his money among destitute and the downtrodden people.

Talking to news agency, Rizwan said that he is deeply touched and distributed by the plight and helplessness of mankind due to devastation caused by the deadly pandemic, that is why he has decided to sell all his art work and distribute the money whatever he gets among poor people.

“Despite that, my art work is very close to me but I can live without painting but people can’t live without money, clothes and food besides proper treatment,” he said.

Illahi said that he has started a campaign #Mostloved for the charity# so that more and more people can join and donate generously for the welfare of mankind as people are going through very tough times

He has the intent to start supporting the affected people in Kashmir and he hopes many more to join hands for the cause. He is convinced that he would go to the extent of selling his car, clothes and is even ready to sell his house, if need arises.

“Art has set me free from the life, death will set me free from the ineffable suffering of being my own muse,” he said.

Illahi has remained reluctant in the past to various international auction houses from USA, Dubai, UK & Turkey when approached previously to exhibit his art.

He said that these paintings are too close to his sentiments to be traded for money, but today he feels a deep sense of pride to put all of his paintings on auction for a greater Cause of humanity, especially in these tough times of turmoil.

“That there is need to get united at the moment so that we can get out of this situation,” he said(KNO)

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