Nothing going to Happen”, Political Leaders on Rumors


Srinagar 10 June : Amid the speculation of bifurcation of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the regional political leaders believe that nothing of that nature is going to happen.

Senior leaders of regional political parties of the Union Territory shared their opinion and analysis about the rumours, being discussed across the valley for the past several days, with news agency Kashmir News Bureau on Thursday.
Retired Justice, Member Parliament Hasnain Masoodi of National Conference said that they have also come across the rumours but doesn’t believe any of it is true.

“People are paying much heed to these rumors now because of what happened during the August of 2019. At that time, politicians as well as people had faith that no decision against the very law of the country will be taken but all the speculation at that time came true as the ruling party took away the special status,” he said.

“Similarly, in that very context, the speculations making rounds on social media and other platforms today have been picked up by the people of the state very quickly,” he added.

He further said, “At a personal level, I can only say that I’ve also been hearing all the speculations and nothing more.”

He said that the Peoples Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) will continue its mission be it regarding the August 19 decision or any other matter concerning the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“The notion of meetings and discussions will start again and it will be better for the country in general if the unlawful decision taken on 5th August 2019 will be reverted,” He emphasized.

General Secretary BJP J&K, Ashok Koul told KNB that all the huzz and buzz in the Union Territory is based on rumors and nothing else.  

Koul said, “All that was done in the past, was to make (J&K) a state. How can bifurcation of state take place now? The decision (5 August 2019) was taken to make the state one!”

“Nothing will happen in Jammu and Kashmir, It is a Union Territory! One Unit and no one can break it,” Koul emphasized.

When asked about the similar situation had risen post August 5th decision, Koul said, “There were no rumors back then, everyone knew what was going to happen. For the past 40 years, we had stressed upon the removal of Article 370 and that’s what happened.”

Referring to the PAGD’s meeting on Wednesday, he said that it is good for political activities to take place in Kashmir. “But the main aim (reverting the August 5 decision) of PAGD, just like Ravinder Rana once said, they should stop daydreaming,” he said.

Apni Party Senior Vice President, Ghulam Hassan Mir told KNB that since 1947 rumours have always been part and parcel of life in Kashmir.

“As a political analyst, even though I do not have any solid information, I think all that is being said regarding the movement of security forces are just rumours and nothing else,” he said.

Due to the decision taken by the Government of India on 5th August 2019, people pay heed to rumours easily now cause the similar situation had evolved back then, he added.

About the meeting of PAGD, he said, “Whenever NC has taken any decision, they have done it in a rush. They have woven a web around themselves, in which they have involved other parties as well and now it is getting difficult for them to get out of it.”

Talking to Kashmir News Bureau, G.A Mir, President of JKPCC regarding the speculations of bifurcation of the Union Territory, said that this is just an agenda of RSS because their plans for the people of Jammu and Kashmir have failed.

“This is just a theory of RSS; because all their plans with respect to the people of Jammu and Kashmir have failed. They are just floating these theories now so that when future elections take place, they can use the same slogan during their campaigns,” he said.

“Floating rumours like South Kashmir is going to become a part of Jammu, North Kashmir to be a part of Ladakh, part of Punjab will be merge with Jammu, etc. is just a strategy to create a new lollipop for their voters/supporters in Jammu region, who have risen against them,” he said.

He further guaranteed that nothing, as such the rumours are suggesting, is going to take place in Jammu and Kashmir.

Moreover, Senior Leader PDP, Nizam Ud Din Bhat told KNB that BJP can take any decision without considering the opinion of the people but that did not end up well last time.

“Apart from the rumours across the valley, I am of the opinion that they (Centre) will now do some people friendly acts and for that the involvement of regional political parties is must,” he said, adding, “ I think, they (Centre) may throw open kind of a discourse for engagement of all stakeholders within the state.”

“I hope for a very good beginning, if at all they have realized that they cannot override people’s interests,” Bhat said.

Pertinent to mention that during the past several weeks heavy movement of troops have been witnessed in Kashmir. Officials have already clarified that security forces are being redeployed after coming back from the election duties in West Bengal and other states.

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