President MC Ashmuqam rubbishes fake allegations, calls harassment.


Mohammad Iqbal

Anantnag 09 June 2021: Reportedly a visibly fake Face book profile under the name of “Development Aishmuqam” uploaded a story of a scandal in Municipal Committee Aishmuqam few days back claiming its current President Sofi Arafat of crediting an amount of Rs Thirty thousand INR 30,000 into his personal bank account.

The profile further appealed to DC Anantnag to take strict action against the erring President. However Sofi Arafat the president rubbished the claims and said, “The story is fabricated, concocted and based on false allegations to tarnish his clean image”,

He said that after his taking over the charge of Municipal Committee Aishmuqam as President on March 10, 2021 there has been no bungling, no pilferage of revenue, no favoritism or no abuse or misuse of power and position”. Instead, “we as a team have started an era of development, empowerment, vibrant work culture, effective administration and people friendly atmosphere in municipal committee Anantnag that has unnerved some political leaders and workers who are trying their best to derail the process of development”. He said

Verifying from official sources it was found from the documents that the allegations levelled against the President MC Aishmuqam Sofi Arafat are baseless. The documents in possession of this agency revealed a different story which goes back to 2019 when someone else was president of MC Aishmuqam and the funds were transferred under the then President’s signature and approval for some departmental work called IEC.

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