Scores of J&K Bank, ATM Guards Protest Against Slash in Their Salaries

‘some guards are also on the verge of losing jobs after take over of new company’  

Srinagar 01 November: On Monday, scores of J&K Bank and ATM guards staged a protest at a press enclave here against a slash in their salaries following the takeover of a new company and the decision to relieve some of them from their jobs.

A number of aggrieved persons calling themselves as J&K Banks and ATM guards said that after the taking over of a new company they are being told that their salaries would be slashed with some of them being relieved from their jobs. 

The guards also said that the new company is forcing them to pay a registration fee of 15,000. They further said that there are other measures also which the company is looking to put in place and could be harsh for them. 

However, the protesting J&K Bank and ATM guards raised slogans in favour of J&K Bank officials and were angered over the new company’s bringing in of rules, which as per them are going to be very detrimental for them. 

They also said that they would continue their protest indefinitely and would not join their duties till the new changes are not reversed.    

However, they further appealed to the J&K Bank officials and LG Manoj Sinha to intervene in the matter.

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