‘Stop Persecution of Students, Sports Celebration Not Seditious’ PDP Workers During Protest

Say ‘Release arrested students forthwith’  

Srinagar 30 October: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Saturday held a protest here and demanded to stop the persecution of students of Kashmir who are studying outside and regretted that the celebrations of sports are being dealt with sedition charges.

Scores of PDP workers raised slogans against the ill treatment meted out to students who are studying in outside institutions. They said that Kashmiris are being persecuted by invoking sedition charges against them. 

One of them said “whoever dares to speak is being jailed. Whether it is a politician, Journalist or any other common person, who after speaking up, is either being locked up or implicated in any case. How much persecution they are going to inflict upon us.” 

On being not allowed to protest by security forces, the PDP worker took dig at PM Narendra Modi’s words of eliminating the Delli Ki Doori Aur Dil Ki Doori. 

They further demanded that the students should be released from jail. “It is our demand that the arrested students should be released forthwith,” they added.

It is pertinent to mention that the three Kashmiri engineering students were arrested in Agra after their alleged cheering of Pakistan’s win over India in a T20 cricket match.

The jailed students’ distraught families of late have been also seeking for the release of their sons from confinement. 

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