Sub- health centre in Shopian functions from a single room


New building awaits completion for 11 years, alleges locals

Shopian, Jul 13 : The sub centre in Manloo village of South Kashmir’s Shopian district which caters dozens of villages with over 5000 population runs from a single room.

The centre has been functioning from a single room for the last three decades now as authorities have failed to complete the new building for the last 11 years.

“How can the centre function normally when for the whole ward, store, dressing and immunization purposes there is just a single room,” locals said.

Locals said the room in which the centre is functioning is the second storey of the shop which is very small due to which they are unable to work properly.

Locals said that their pleas to the authorities to complete the under construction building have gone unheard till date.

“Even as we have provided the land for the construction of a new building for the hospital but the government has failed to complete it since last 11 years,” they said

They added that the ladder to the room has also decayed due to which people fear going up to the centre.

“Vaccination process is going on but staff have to visit door to door for vaccination as locals are unable to go there due to lack of space and decaying ladders,” they said.

“Apart from first aid, no other facility is available at the centre as it lacks staff, medicines and other basic amenities,” said Junaid, a local resident.

Locals said due to lack of facilities, patients prefer to visit district hospital which is about 6 kms from the village.

“The issue was brought to the notice of higher ups several times but to no avail and the department has failed to complete the new building,” locals said

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