Over 1,000 Afghan soldiers retreat to Tajikistan after clashes with Taliban


Afganistan July 05: As many as 1,037 Afghan troops retreated to Tajikistan following clashes with the Taliban militants, the Tajik State Committee for National Security (SCNS) told Sputnik.

“Afghan servicemen retreated to Tajikistan through the border areas of Shohon region (104 people); Ruzvay (213 people) and Nulvand (83 people) in Darvoz region; Khumrogi in Vanj region (173 people), Tem district of Khorugh city (312); Eshkashem (102 people) and Langar (50 people) in Eshkashem region,” the SCNS said.

According to the statement, on Sunday night, Taliban militants took full control of the districts of Hohon, Shekay, Nusay, Maimay, Shughnon and Eshkashem in the Afghan province of Badakhshan, which borders Tajikistan.

“Taking into account the principle of good-neighborliness and adhering to the position of non-interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan, the military personnel of the Afghan government forces was allowed to enter Tajik territory,” the SCNS added.

The situation at the border areas is under the control of the Tajik border guards.

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