COVID-19: Omicron highly contagious, don’t be complacent, warns DHSK

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‘Infectivity rate, bed occupancy increases with each passing day ‘

Srinagar, Jan 21: Officials on Friday said that the infectivity rate along with bed occupancy in Jammu and Kashmir is increasing with each passing day and people shouldn’t take the current wave lightly.

Officials said that cases are increasing at an alarming rate from 169 positive cases reported on January 01 to around 6,000 cases that were reported on January 20.

They further added that people shouldn’t take this wave lightly otherwise it can prove costly.

Spokesperson, Directorate of Health Services Kashmir, Mir Mushtaq told the news agency that with each passing day cases are increasing besides that more beds are getting occupied.

Mir said that there is a misconception among people that Omicron is very mild but they must know that it is highly infectious affecting everyone and people taking it lightly can prove costly.

He said that though Omicron is causing less severity than Delta that doesn’t mean that it can’t cause severity.

“People who are taking lightly and aren’t following Covid appropriate behaviour and transmitting viruses to others which includes vulnerable people can prove dangerous,” he said.

“Even when people are saying that it is mild, there are dozens of patients who are on oxygen so people shouldn’t remain complacent at this stage,” Mir said