Duping of Rs 64 lakh: Court denies bail to accused

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JAMMU: City Judge Jammu Manjeet Rai rejected bail application of accused, identified as UP-based Saleem Qureshi who duped an amount of Rs 64 lakh from a fruit dealer.

According to police, accused cheated and duped the complainant to the tune of more than Rs 64 lakh after taking away consignment of Fruit laden trucks towards Meerut, Panipat, Karna & Akhola. The accused was arrested on November 19,, 2021 that too from Delhi after much hectic efforts. The offence has been committed by accused along with other absconding accused persons with prior planning with an eye on their personal wrongful gains totally disregarding interest of the community and causing wrongful loss/damage to the complainant but also to the economy ignoring national interest, now cannot take refuge by projecting his victim card to plead innocence in order to gain empathy from this court.

City Judge Jammu Manjeet Rai while rejecting the bail application, after hearing APP Arvind Rathore for Police, observed that while granting bail in a non-bailable offence, Court should take into account various considerations, such as nature and seriousness and character of evidence, circumstances which are peculiar to accused, a reasonable possibility of presence of the accused not being secured at trial, reasonable apprehension of the witnesses being tampered with, the larger interests of the public and the state. It is further held that if the offence is of a kind in which bail should not be granted considering its seriousness, the court should refuse the bail. With these observations, the court rejected the plea.