Imran Khan loses no trust motion; Shehbaz Sharif set to become Pakistan PM

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Amid high drama, Imran Khan lost no trust motion after 174 members voted in favour of the resolution.

PML-N’s Ayaz Sadiq, who was chairing the session, announced the result.

According to PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb, Sadiq could not cast his vote as he was chairing the session. PTI dissenting members did not cast their votes either.

Dawn reported minutes before voting began, National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser resigned from his post, saying he could not take part in a foreign conspiracy to oust the prime minister.

Before announcing his resignation, Qaiser said that he had received “important documents” from the cabinet, which he invited the leader of the opposition and the Chief Justice of Pakistan to see.

“In line with our laws and the need to stand for our country, I have decided that I can’t remain on the position of speaker and thereby resign,” he said.

“Because this is a national duty and it is the Supreme Court’s decision, I will ask the panel chairman Ayaz Sadiq to run the session,” Qaiser said.

After Sadiq took the chair, he paid tribute to Qaiser for remaining with his party and opting for an “honourable exit”.

“He [Qaiser] had a very good relationship with all of us, a working relationship. He tried to conduct all these proceedings with dignity and together with the opposition.”

Then, Sadiq asked for bells to be rung in the house for five minutes to notify members that the voting process was about to begin, after which the doors of the assembly were closed.

Voting on the resolution then began at 11:58pm, and members in favour of the resolution were asked to exit the gate on Sadiq’s left. Sadiq then adjourned the session for four minutes since according to rules, the same session cannot continue past midnight.