Imran Shah condemns killing of migrant school teacher in Gopalpora Kulgam

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Anantnag, 31 May : Strongly condemning the killing of an innocent migrant teacher (Rajni Bala) in Gopalpora Kulgam in a terrorist bid today, Senior Socio Political Leader Imran Amin Shah has said that we are horrified by such events which is leading to destruction only .

Shah said that such incidents are highly condemnable in strong terms and are totally against humanity and islamic terms and appealed all the sections of society to get United against all those who are hell bent to vitiate the socio fabric of our stats and even terrorize the innocents.

Shah also said that Islam teaches peace and tranquility and clearly declares spilling of blood and the destruction to properties as absolute prohibition until day of judgment. He said that it is to apprehend the true perpetrators of these crimes as well as those who aid and abet them through incitement, financing or other support , they must be brought to justice in an impartial manner and stringently punished, he added.