Congress vow to fight against ‘skyrocketing Inflation’ in country from roads to Parliament: Ragini


Jammu, Jul 15 : The Congress party has vowed to fight from roads to parliament against growing inflation and compel central government to reduce the prices of essential goods.

Launching strong attack against the central government against ‘skyrocketing’ inflation, All India Congress Committee (AICC) spokesperson Ragini Nayak said that everyone has been affected with the skyrocketing price hike and if the government does not take steps to reduce inflation, then the Congress will raise the voice of the people from the road to the parliament.

Ragini, along with Jammu and Kashmir Congress in-charge Rajni Patil, were on a three day tour of Jammu and Kashmir.

The national leaders will meet different functionaries of the party, DDC members and elected local bodies members in Jammu on July 16 and similar exercise will be conducted in Srinagar.

Addressing a press conference, Ragini alleged that the central government has completely failed to control inflation in the country.

“When the Modi government came to power in 2014, it had promised Acche Din and catchy slogans like ‘Modi Hai to Mumkin Hai’ were raised but all these claims have fallen flat as the price hike has broken the backbone of common people,” she said.

“Earlier there was inflation but people used to earn, but now inflation is increasing continuously and people’s earnings are decreasing gradually,” the Congress leader claimed.

Ragini said the job loss has become normal in the country as a lot of educated youth have lost jobs in the last few months due to bad economic policies of the central government.

“All this is happening in such an era when the whole country is battling Corona,” she said adding, “When UPA’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh warned the government on demonetization, the prime minister mocked him but now everyone is mocking the central government for its anti-people decisions.”

“Rahul Gandhi was constantly saying that do justice to the person who earns every day by giving him Rs 6000. But nothing of the sort happened. Congress has now launched a campaign across the country seeing the rising inflation. Protests have been held in all the state capitals,” she informed.

Referring to the figures of the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy, Ragini further added that in the UPA government, 27 crore people were brought above the poverty line, but the Modi government again brought 23 crore people below the poverty line.

“The income of 98 percent of the people decreased. Modi had promised to provide employment to two crore people every year but now the employment of two crore people has been taken away,” she said.

“Modi said that he is giving a 5 kg ration to 80 crore Indians. It is clear from this how is the condition of the country where 80 crore population is expecting help from the center to feed their children,” Ragini said.

Ragini said that Modi is taking money out of people’s pockets. “Petrol and diesel prices have increased 65 times in just a few months. The price of petrol is more than Rs 100 in 200 cities,” she said.

“The government has earned a profit of Rs 25 lakh crore by increasing the excise duty,” she added.

Ragini said that when petrol was $117 per barrel in the international market under the UPA government, petrol was Rs 70 but now it is 45 to 50 per barrel but the price of petrol is more than Rs 100.

She accused the Modi government of looting the people by finding opportunities in the disaster.

She said that the budget of women has deteriorated.

“Women are crying tears of blood today. There has been a jump of 32 percent in edible oil. According to the international prices, the price of domestic gas should be Rs 550 but today it is being sold for Rs 850. Very soon it will be sold for more than a thousand rupees,” Ragini said.

Referring to the farmers, Ragini said that Modi has time to expand the cabinet but there is no time to meet the farmers.

“Modi works with election strategy. Farmers are food donors in elections but become terrorists after elections. The prices of agricultural equipment have increased. The way the central government was forced to withdraw the land acquisition bill due to the opposition of the Congress, the party will protest on inflation also and compel the government to make a strategy to reduce prices,” she said

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