Welcome decision with a heavy heart’: Ghulam Nabi Azad on repealing farm laws

Jammu, Nov 19: Former Leader of opposition and veteran Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad on Friday regretted that the decision to withdraw the farm laws was delayed and lamented the loss of farmers’ lives in the year-long protests.

He said this decision should have been made during the last Parliament session when the Opposition was staging protests, instead of repealing the laws when elections were near.

“Many people lost lives; people are still on Dharna’, this law saw many walk outs and arrests. It could be better if the decision to repeal it was taken much earlier,” Azad said while addressing hurriedly called press Congress in Jammu, as per news agency.

He further added that everybody in opposition fought for farmers’ cause but the BJP led central government took almost two years to repeal it.

“When I was leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, we told the government that we make laws for people and if they are not happy then it’s not wrong to impose it (farm law) on them,” he said.

“If the decision was taken earlier, the dignity of parliament could be restored and many lives could be saved,” he said. “I welcome the decision of repealing the farm laws with heavy heart.”

He further adds that people should not make it an issue of victory or defeat, as people won their battle.

On Lt Governor’s statement regarding wiping out of militancy in two years, Azad said, “I wish, I will be happier if this could happen and I request every political party to cooperate.”

On being removed from the AICC’s disciplinary committee, Azad said “I was part of the disciplinary committee for quite a long time. I was in the Committee during Rajeev Ghandi’s time, 25-30 years back. This committee does not meet regularly, it meets once in two years. I don’t remember when we met las ttime. This is not a very big thing.

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