JK Students Association Urges LG Manoj Sinha to probe into ‘backdoor appointments’ made during Previous regime

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Srinagar: The J&K Students Association here today urged Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to probe into the alleged illegal appointments made in various departments during the previous regime in the Union Territory. In a Statement JKSA said that Lieutenant Governor Administration should terminate services of all employees of J&K Bank, Wakf Board, KVIB, PHE, Health, R&B, SMC & Sports Council who have been recruited through backdoor during the previous regime.

The statement said that, all backdoor appointees, including relatives and family members of Politicians, must be terminated with one stroke as these illegal appointments have been made in these departments at the cost of deserving educated unemployed youth of the J&K. Most deserving and qualified have been ignored and left out as no opportunity was provided to them to compete.

Nasir Khuehami; who is official spokesperson of the association said that” It is high time that Lieutenant Governor Administration should open the lid on all the backdoor and political appointments made by the previous regime. People were given the prized positions in the administration which they were not entitled to. The fallout is that deserving students have been left out” “During previous regime, on the recommendations and at the behest of leaders, a good number of persons were illegally appointed in the JK bank, KVIB, Sports Council, SMC and other departments without following the requisite recruitment procedures or advertising the posts” added Khuehami.

Thousands of odd illegal appointments made in the J&K Bank in Previous regime and having been established to be made through back door, the authorities concerned had faltered to revoke the same despite tremendous hue and cry from various quarters. Also thousands of SPOs were appointed in Police Department through backdoor without following the prescribed norms on the subject. Thousands of blue-eyed candidates had been appointed on daily rate, contractual and casual basis during 2015-18 by the then regime; read the statement. The JKSA has requested Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to reopen all cases of wrong doings of previous Government and added that nobody should be allowed to play with the future of unemployed youth of Jammu and Kashmir, who despite being highly competent & deserving are reeling under continuous depression.