Discarded masks biggest potential carriers of Coronavirus, say experts


Used masks, gloves should be disinfected, disposed in a proper way

Srinagar, Jun 02 : The face mask has emerged as the most important weapon in our arsenal against the novel Coronavirus in addition to hand-washing and social distancing, experts believe that the disposal of the masks properly is crucial as they can turn the biggest potential carriers of the virus.

People from different areas of the valley told news agency that following the home isolations of Covid positive they notice masks lying on roads, thus putting many at risk to catch the virus.

Dr Saleem Khan HOD community Medicine at GMC Srinagar while talking exclusively with KNO said that the discarded masks lying on the roads are one of the biggest potential sources of virus transmission as one used mask lying in the open can directly affect several people.

“These discarded mask, gloves must be dropped in a solution of one percent sodium hypochlorite and then disposed off properly,” he said.

Khan said that reusable things must be washed with detergents and soap and then dry and iron it and then use it.

“There is make change in our behaviour and don’t throw these things on the road and risk the lives of others,” he said.

As per experts coronavirus is primarily transmitted through droplets of mucus and saliva when a person sneezes or coughs.

“The mask stops these droplets from reaching other persons body parts. But if an infected person throws away the mask in the open, it will definitely affect all who come in contact. The problem now is that several people, who are not showing symptoms, are also testing corona positive. So we don’t know if a person is affected or not till he or she is tested,” they said.

“If you’re wearing gloves or a mask, please dispose of those items properly in a trash can. Don’t drop them in a store or on the ground outside. You’re putting others’ health at risk,” they said

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