It is official: 99 per cent vaccinated people in J&K given Covisheild jabs


Srinagar, May 31 : In Jammu and Kashmir, among the total vaccines administered by the government, nearly 99 percent of the doses are of Covishield serum alone.

Official figures accessed by the news agency reveal that, of total 329,186 vaccines administered in Jammu and Kashmir, at least 98.73 were of Covishield serum while only 1.27 percent were Covaxin jabs.

It reveals that among the total vaccines administered here so far, 32,49,657 were of Covishield serum while only 41,529 were Covaxin shots.

Besides, the figures maintained by the government also states that among the total vaccines of Dose-I administered here, at least 58.44 percent were administered to males, 41.53 percent to females and 0.1 percent was administered to the people belonging to other categories.

The figures reveal that the total vaccines administered includes 16, 04,528 to males, 11,40,251 females and 509 others.

It also states that the government has administered 27, 45,288 vaccines of Dose-I and 5,45,898 shots of Dose-II so far.

According to the figures, the government has administered 24,910 vaccines on Monday at 1146 government designated vaccination sites and two private vaccination sites respectively.

The government figures reveal that in summer capital Srinagar, it has administered at least 2,53,869 vaccines including 2,15,706 of Dose-I and 38,163 of Dose-II at 41 vaccination sites. KNO

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