People illegally enter Pahalgam golf course, damage tracks


Sub-standard material used on tracks, contractor misbehaves with labourers; Fencing been strengthened, illegal entry blocked: CEO PDA

Srinagar, Jul 10 : Some people in Pahalgam are illegally entering into a golf course thereby putting the golf tracks under threat on which lakhs of rupees have been spent.

Sources said that fencing of the golf especially from the side of grand Mumtaz hotel is very weak and some employees are allowing people to enter into golf and mint money from them.

Sources also said that sub standard material is being used in dressing of golf tracks in Pahalgam.

They said that they are putting a mixture of pebbles and sand on the track while as per schedule they have to put clean sand on it.

Meanwhile, labourers working in the golf alleged that they are being harassed by the contractor whenever they seek salary and other things.

“We are working here from last 10 years – 9 months per year but now we are being told that we have to work for just three or four months,” they said.

“We know everything about tracks and others things now as we have experience of 10 years but we are being sidelined due to unknown reasons,” they added.

They appealed higher ups to look into the matter at earliest and give them justice on humanitarian ground.

Meanwhile, on contacting Chief Executive Officer Pahalgam Development Authority Masrat said that fencing at some places of the golf is weak and people are making use of it and entering into the golf.

He said that fencing has been strengthened at vulnerable spots and illegal entry has been blocked.

On asking about sub- standard material, he acknowledged that sub-standard material was used on some tracks, however, it has been removed and now quality material has been laid on the tracks.

On asking about the harassment of labours, he said that labourers must meet and inform him about their issues.

“I will definitely help them in resolving their genuine issues,” he said

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