SKIMS Soura Rebuts News Report on Purchase of Ventilators 


News report is a part of a malicious campaign to malign and undermine the institution’ says SKIMS in official communique

Srinagar 02 June : SKIMS Soura’s rejoinder to a news report regarding the purchase of ventilators and COVID furniture vehemently denies contents, says that reports emanate from a sustained conspiracy to undo the institution’s good work so in an ongoing challenging situation.  

An official communique issued here stated that SKIMS has unfortunately been the target of a lobby culture which has been relying on false information dissemination to project hard working professionals as spoilers, though always unsuccessfully.

“Any purchasing that has been done or is being done is a constant process of such a growing institution which has raised its stock in public service, patient care and innovative health delivery systems . The Institute has a robust Material Management System for purchase and procurement of all essentials through the purchase subcommittee or the  higher authority,” it said. 

It further said that the said news report is a part of a malicious campaign to malign and undermine the institution, in particular a subtle effort to demean the head of the Institution and his abilities that has made SKIMS a proud Institution through joint ventures of excellent professionals and team work.

“The achievements of the recent past particularly during the pandemic bear testimony about  the upswing in getting perfection to SKIMS as a premier health centre of national repute,” reads the communique. 

It further added “the government has recently by virtue of an order retained present incumbent in view of pandemic till December, the distress of hidden adversaries has started getting vent through a disinformation campaign aimed at maligning his person who has always put institution above any individual who may or may not contribute towards the growth of this institution.”

He has made a fervent appeal again not to be misled by such propaganda frequently unleashed to tarnish his personal image, the statement reads. “He  said unfettered by such vicious campaigning SKIMS dedicated staff including the specialists and well known professors will continue to serve people and patients under a professed mission,” it added. 

As per the statement, a handful of mischievous people overtly have always lobbied against the head of the institute from the days of his constitutional selection and appointment till date because of his rural background and more so because of his meritorious career that has been an eyesore to this lobby. 

“They are always busy conspiring and funding some media stooges for their vested interests at the cost of the prestige of this institution of excellence that needs to be protected by all the stakeholders of conscience,” it reads. (KNB)

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