Untimely rain affects maize cultivation in Kashmir, farmers worried

Maize yield very low this year: Farmers

Srinagar, Oct 14: After apple and paddy, significant number of farmers in Kashmir is growing maize in Kashmir which is mostly grown in hilly areas.

As per the data available with news agency, maize is grown on around 0.77 lakh hectare land in Kashmir which produces millions of quintals of maize.

However, this year farmers in hilly areas of Kashmir said that yield is very low as there was untimely rainfall in summer this season.

Farmers from Kokernag, Pahalgam, Shadab Kareva, Shadimarg and many other areas of Kashmir said that due to untimely rains, maize production was very low this year.

Farmers said that their land is directly dependent on rains for irrigation purposes as there are no irrigation facilities available to them.

“Besides untimely rains, wild animals have also caused damage to their produce which has further lowered their produce,” they said.

“We used to sell maize to earn our livelihood besides using it for making bread and giving as fodder to cattle but this year yield is very low which isn’t enough even for our cattle, so how can we sell anything this year,” farmers said.

A farmer from upper reaches of Kokernag said that they have been requesting government to make irrigation arrangements to their land since last several years but nothing is being done on ground.

“We can’t rely on rain forever and authorities must take cognizance of the issue,” they said.

Pertinently eating maize is, said to have various health benefits as it augments eye health, supplies essential amino acids, supports a gluten-free diet, fortifies bone density, keeps blood sugar levels in check, treats anaemia, boosts nervous system function and augments heart health

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