Youth Protest Against Establishing Liquor Shops in Kashmir

Srinagar 5 July : In Srinagar, a number of youth on Monday staged a protest against the establishment of new and existing liquor shops across the valley.

The young boys gathered around the Press enclave in the Heart of the City and held up banners “We Won’t Allow Outsiders To Disturb Peace”, “No New Liquor Shops in Kashmir”, “Say No to Liquor Shops”, etc.

Talking to reporters, a young man, Amir resident of Nowhatta said that the people of the valley do not want liquor or drugs.

“We want to ask the government what we have to do with drugs? (liquor), from one side they claim to end the menace of drugs here but on the other are opening it (liquor shops),” he said, adding that the youth wants everything to get better here, wants development and not liquor shops.

He said that the government claims so many things but a new shop has opened in Srinagar and we don’t want that here.

He further said that the reason behind the rise of suicides in Kashmir is unemployment and drugs.

“Unemployment is one of the reasons, lack of money for drugs could also be another reason for people committing suicides here,” he said, adding that the youth request the government that if they really want Kashmir, they must completely close the liquor shops in all areas of the Union Territory.

“It is a request to the government that no more liquor shops should be established here. In fact the ones that are already functional, the government should close them,” the young man emphasised, adding that this is an appeal from all the youth of Kashmir.

Another teenager among the protestors told the reporters, “We are here to protest against the (opening) of liquor shops in Kashmir. We want these shops to be closed.”

“We also demand strict punishment for the drug peddlers in Kashmir, this is the reason we are here and protesting,” he added.

Another man amid the protest told reporters that when these wine shops will be set open in broad daylight, youth will get inclined towards it and with time will destroy themselves.

“If the government doesn’t do anything about these matters, the youth of Kashmir will get destroyed,” he said, adding that wherever these liquor shops have been established, they must be closed immediately. (KNB)

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