LG Sinha Applauses Suggestions of Udhampur Resident on Village Tourism 

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Jammu 04 January: Responding to the insights received from Chandra Bhushan, a resident of Udhampur, pertaining to maximizing the use of tools of knowledge-technology era to bridge the gap between towns & villages and promoting the concept of Village, the Lt Governor applauded him for his sensible propositions.

The LG said that the government has set the goal of empowering rural areas by making a science & technology-based and environment-friendly action plan for sustainable techno-economic development of the villages of J&K.

Chander Bhushan termed the programme Awam ki Awaz by the Lieutenant Governor a massive outreach programme for participatory governance in the Union Territory. He said that with the start of the radio programme ‘Awaam Ki Awaaz’  people found a reliable platform to project their views regarding good governance.

He expressed his views regarding the tourism industry in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. He suggested the tourism department be run by functionaries having relevant expertise of the concerned department. He says the Govt. should harness the skills / knowledge of professional manpower which is available within and outside the department.

He further suggests that present tourism boards of other states of the country have upgraded themselves with respect to strengthening of manpower and creation of dedicated sections for the department of tourism with respect to market segmentation for the available products.

He asked them to devise a roadmap for future plans with respect to upliftment of the Tourism Department in terms of availability of professional manpower so that the Tourism Department in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir may remain at par with the World Tourism industry.

Bushan says the need is to focus on productivity and avoid the traditional way of working in terms of promotion, publicity and all.