Man fakes wife’s cancer to have physical relationship with model GF, booked for rape

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In a bizarre case that is real life replica of Bollywood flick ‘Love, sex and dokha’, a liquor businessman in Maharastra’s Nagpur was booked for rape on Saturday after a complaint filed by his girlfriend.

The man had allegedly wooed her to bed by telling her a sob story about his wife “suffering from blood cancer” and would not survive for long, whereas in reality the man’s wife had no such ailment.

Sanket Jaiswal, according to reports, has tricked his model girlfriend who was infuriated to have learnt that his wife was not ailing from cancer and subsequently lodged a complaint.

Police said Jaiswal and the woman were introduced to each other at a common friend’s birthday bash at Lonavla in 2020. After befriending each other and exchanging phone numbers, they met again in Mumbai after a few days and are also learnt to have stayed at the same hotel.

According to a TOI report quoting a police official, Jaiswal and the survivor had started chatting for long hours. “Jaiswal claimed to have spent Rs20-25 lakh on his wife’s ailment, adding that her condition was deteriorating despite his efforts. He had stated that his wife would not remain alive beyond a few months when the reality was not so,” said the official.

“Believing in his fake stories about wife’s cancer, the woman had started getting emotionally attached to him,” said the cop.

Police said Jaiswal, who has a daughter, had lured the woman to meet at a posh hotel in the outskirts of the city in December last year and also in March, where they had entered into a physical relationship. “The woman wanted Jaiswal to marry her immediately. As he was neglecting her, she landed up in Akola and found out the truth. This left her shattered,” the cop said.