NCDC offers Free Paperless Spoken English Training

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J&K: The National Child Development Council (NCDC), a leading child welfare organization in India, has launched a new free training program called Paperless English Training (PET) for school and college students who find it difficult to speak English despite having studied English for many years.

In addition to spoken English training, general knowledge and skill development are also included in this program.

As per NCDC official, Daily lessons and activities will be shared directly with the learners through WhatsApp, while there will also be live classes every Sunday from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

“Its module gradually helps the students to talk in English through games and puzzles without learning
grammar. NCDC Master Trainer Baba Alexander will lead this training program,” the official said.

Students or their parents who would like to join this training program can contact Phone: 07356163344.