Blacklist Colleges where Kashmiri students are harassed: JKSA

Srinagar, Oct 29: Jammu and Kashmir Students Association (JKSA) Friday said that it has prepared a list of Colleges in the country in which Kashmiri students are unnecessarily harassed.

In a statement issued to the news agency, National Spokesperson of JKSA, Nasir Khuehami said that association have prepared a list of colleges outside J&K where Kashmiri students are unnecessarily intimidated, harassed and subjected to mental and physical torture whenever there is a political or sports event nationally or internationally.

“We demand that these Colleges be blacklisted. The students who go to other states of the country do so for serious studies and not just to pass time there. They have nothing to do with politics. Those trying to give political or religious colour to the local students studying in colleges outside J&K are vested interests who are damaging the fabric of the country,” he said.

“We are coordinating with the State governments in Punjab, Karnataka, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and other states, where Kashmiri students are studying presently. We have prepared a full list of such Colleges and will forward it to the government to blacklist all those colleges who spread bigotry, hate & harassed Kashmiri students unnecessarily and fail to give them protection & ensure their safety,” he said.

He highlighted the impacts of the negative portrayal of Kashmiri students by a section of media. The primary victims of the negative portrayal have been the students studying in various states of the country, he said.

National Secretary of Association, Davood Ahmad said that many institutions in the country are claiming high discipline and zero tolerance against discrimination on the basis of region and religion and these claims have fallen flat and proved to be hoax, when it comes to owing the Kashmiri students. “Inside many institutions, at times students are being assaulted on the basics of identity which is a sad story of identity discrimination,” he emphasized.

He said in a democratic country, these ludicrous minds have made the life of a Kashmiri hell. “They all the time keep on spreading venom, hate, bigotry and narrow mindedness against the students of Kashmir. The students studying in different institutions in the country then become soft targets. The bad image of Kashmiri is orchestrated from the media houses and replicated on the ground by these anti-social elements,” he said

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