Ramadan Mubarak: Saudi Arabia to deploy robots at holy mosques for sterilization work, Zamzam distribution

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MAKKAH: Come Ramadan, Saudi Arabian government will deploy robots for sterilization work, distributing Zamzam water, and answering inquiries of devotees

Arab News quoting General presidency spokesman, Hani bin Hosni Haidar, spokesman of General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, said artificial intelligence will be put to maximum use for the convenience of devotees during Ramadan.

Robots will be deployed for sterilization work, distributing Zamzam water, and answering inquiries. Eight interactive, 34 spatial guidance, and four guidance screens in different languages will be installed.

Arab News reported that Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sudais, president of the General Presidency said despite the gradual easing of precautionary measures against COVID-19, health and safety practices would continue to be applied at the same levels as during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Al-Sudais said everything was being done to ensure the provision of the best possible services and environment for worshippers to perform their rituals with ease.

He noted that the latest technology had been employed to improve the visitor experience including artificial intelligence systems, digitization programs, and electronic apps in a range of languages.

Nearly 12,000 male and female workers had been lined up to cater for the needs of pilgrims during Ramadan, and the Third Saudi Expansion, the King Fahd Expansion, and all the courtyards of the Grand Mosque would be open for worshippers, Al-Sudais added.

The presidency had also allocated the courtyard, ground floor, and basement of the Mataf for pilgrims only to ensure the smooth flow of people, while special attention had been paid to the elderly and those with disabilities through the designation of specific paths and dedicated sites equipped with the latest technologies.

After a two-year hiatus, Al-Sudais announced the return of iftar travel to the Grand Mosque by issuing 2,000 permits, adding that Zamzam water would be sent to soldiers stationed on the Kingdom’s southern borders throughout the fasting period.

General presidency spokesman, Hani bin Hosni Haidar, said seven members of the Council of Senior Scholars would participate in lessons at the Grand Mosque, while the teachers at the Makkah site would offer 425 lessons for visitors and pilgrims. He noted that the general presidency would also be providing three hi-tech awareness centers to support its vision 2024 aims, with 60 Sheikhs on hand to answer questions.

He added that the King Abdulaziz, King Fahd, and Baab-al-Salaam gates had been allocated for the entry and exit of pilgrims, along with 144 entrance doors for worshippers, and the Ajyad, Al-Shabaka, and Al-Marwah bridges.