Rs 9.11 crore of cocaine inside her body: Woman arrested at Delhi airport

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A Malawian national was arrested at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport for allegedly smuggling cocaine capsules worth Rs 9.11 crore by hiding them inside her body.

The official at the airport had intercepted the woman on May 27 at terminal number 3.

She had come to India from Addis Ababa.

“She was intercepted after she crossed the green channel and was approaching the exit gate of the international arrivals hall,” said the official.

Initially, nothing suspicious was found in her bag during the check by airport officials but upon undergoing a medical examination, some material was found to be secreted inside her body.

The medical test led to the recovery of 51 cocaine capsules which further resulted in the recovery of a total 607 grams white coloured substance.

This substance was later reportedly found to be cocaine worth Rs 9.11 crore.

“In view of the above facts it was clear that she had violated provisions of Section 8 of the NDPS Act and had committed an offence punishable under Section 21, 23 and 39 of the Act. Accordingly she was placed under arrest as per section 43(B) of the NDPS Act. The powdered substance, prima facie, found to be cocaine has been seized along with concealing materials under section 43(A) of the Act,” the customs official added.