Youth empowerment urgent need to strengthen the country: Imran Shah

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“Youth play an important role to renew and refresh status of society”

Srinagar, Feb 27 : Slamming the previous regimes for exploiting youth of J&K for their personal scores Socio- political leader Imran Amin Shah has said that the condition of Young generation in J&K has become more pathetic due to exploitative policies of these regimes who always hoodwinked them with false promises. Imran was addressing a youth convention in Anantnag today.

He said that Youth have a role to renew and refresh the current status of our society including leadership, innovations, skills etc. Youth are expected to advance the current technology, education, politics, and peace of the country. Since youth form a significant part of society, they have an important and prominent role in supporting society’s progress and activating its development process. He said that the Government therefore, needs to work with all its different sectors and authorities in developing the sense of social responsibility of this important part comprising the youth in society. This is because developing social responsibility among the youth people protects them from the risk of delinquency and saves them from problems threatening society’s security and stability.

Imran said that to ensure that the youth play their role competently, society is deeply responsible for forming youth attitudes toward social responsibility, by working on their upbringing and rehabilitating them in a way suits the role assigned to them.

He urged the LG administration to come up with concrete and cohesive youth development policy to provide sense of faith and security among this talented lot by providing amicable opportunities through employment and other avenues. He also appealed the LG Administration to address the long pending demand of casual and other temporary employees craving for their due rights due to ignorant and irresponsible approach of previous governments.

He was accompanied by district president Fayaz Ah tarray, sarpanch hilal ah, M iqbal, wasim Rather and Subzar Ah.